Philips Garment Steamer Review

Want to say goodbye to wrinkled clothes, reduce your dry cleaning bills, and put away your ironing board forever? A garment steamer is just the appliance that can help you achieve all these things. With the wide range of garment steamers on the market today how do you decide the best clothes steamer for you needs? Let this review help you decide.

Philips Garment SteamerPhillips is a market leader in garment steamers with a wide range of steamer styles and prices. There are basically two categories of steamers; handheld steamers-also referred to as travel steamers, and full sized steamers-also called tank and nozzle steamers. Phillips offers products in both these categories that are among the most highly rated products on the market today. Operation of a garment steamer is simple. You fill the tank with water, plug in the steamer, and once the unit has warmed up you are ready to steam away wrinkles and refresh your garments.

When deciding which type of steamer to purchase you need to look at where you will use the steamer and how often. If you want to travel with your steamer, or only have a few shirts or skirts to steam now and then, a handheld steamer is the perfect answer. The Philips Steam and Go, 2 in one steamer is a top choice in this category. This steamer is safe for all fabrics, even for delicates like silks. It has a 60ml removable water tank that heats up on 45 seconds for vertical steam and 90 seconds for horizontal steam. With these quick heating times you won’t be waiting long to get your clothes ready to wear.

A full-sized steamer is more practical if you have a wardrobe that has lots of items that need ironing or dry cleaning. The Philips DailyTouch Garment Steamer is a perfect choice with a large detachable tank, 2 steam levels and is safe to use on delicate fabrics including silk. This tank and nozzle steamer has a special garment hanger with an adjustable pole so you can put your shirt on the hanger and steam away the wrinkles.

Philips is a leader in small appliances and their steamer choices are some of the best available. A steamer will quickly pay for itself in reduced dry cleaning and less wear and tear on your clothes allowing them to last longer. With a Philips garment steamer will you have the added piece of mind of a well know company that stands behind its brand.