Is There One Watch for Every Occasion?

This question is a very popular one, especially among men who choose their first “serious” watch. If you want to really treat your “watch” seriously, then, unfortunately, there’s no place for universalism – same goes for shoes and most of the accessories you wear, such as belts. Of course, if your attire is consistent most of the time, then it’s easy to fit one model to your style, which will serve you well, unless the occasion, and your attire, change. And by reading  reviews of watches you can be sure.

If you wear suits every day, a minimalistic watch would be your universal one. And if you get yourself a less formal strap, you can easily switch it to fit your casual outfit, when there’s an occasion for that. But the best solution is to have at least two watches with different styles and a set of straps, which can easily be switched, as no one really sticks to one outfit all the time.

Match your watch to your clothes

500 and underThe watch is a too beautiful accessory to disregard its importance. To choose a proper watch about 500 and under, look at which of the following categories match your everyday outfit best and select your watch accordingly.

Formal attire – tuxedos and dinner suits – The best choice here are classic style watches with a small, elegant case that fits well beneath the cuff. The watch case that fits tuxedo best is usually silver but in the past, a gold ones were also popular so it will not be a big mistake if you wear a gold one. Choose a natural leather wrist strap that fits your hand.

Elegant Attire – less formal suits (and sports suits) – although it’s still a suit, it’s a lot less formal than the dinner one and you have a lot more room when making a choice. Apart from a typical classic “formal” watch, a chronograph, a diver and a pilot are good matches here too.

Elegant Attire – an everyday suit – The rule ‘the less the better’ goes here similarly well as with more formal suits. It should be discrete, elegant and of a simple design. Either a classic watch that goes well with any suit is a good choice or chronograph watch dials. Of course, it’s important to match the watch to your style and personality – if you are passionate about extreme sports but you have to wear a suit to work, a bigger case can fit you well unless it’s inappropriate on your position.

Casual Attire – Here your choice is much broader – you can choose a thicker watch-case, with more colors, functions and details. You can also use a classic watch, switching the strap to a less formal one, for example, a NATO (nylon) style.

Your watch and your salary

Apart from visual factors that are extremely important when choosing a watch, there’s an unwritten rule that says one’s watch should have a value of one’s month salary. It might have seemed quite right in the past, considering that a good watch is supposed to serve you a dozen or so years, but today the priorities are changing and everyone should make a choice he feels right with. Obviously, the real enthusiasts will spend a lot more than someone who’s buying his first watch – and especially the latter ones should go with a budget solution, to ‘feel’ the idea of wearing an elegant watch. And keep in mind that inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap.