How To Use A Hair Trimmer

Hair trimmers are excellent tools that save time when trimming body hair. They are far superior to shaving body hair, as the shaved body hair tends to grow back very thick. A body hair trimmer, on the other hand, has a mechanical blade that is rotates to give a faster cut than a handheld razor blade.

The resulting cut is cleaner, and the hair grows back in less traumatized than a razor. Plus, handheld razors can cause razor burn, whereas the hair trimmer does not. When asking how to use a hair trimmer, the easiest way is to buy the best body hair trimmer possible. Wahl is a very good German manufactured brand that is synonymous with quality.

Hair Trimmer1Another great brand is Oster. When trimming the body hair, use a larger hair trimmer, called a clipper, for long stretches of the body such as the chest and back. Do not use a guard, otherwise the hair will be too long, and the desired effect will not be achieved. Make sure to enlist someone with a steady hand to get all the back hair. Make sure that they know how to use a hair trimmer in that they do not press too hard. Just turn the tool on and glide across the surface area.

Also, do not use the hair trimmer for the legs or in the genital area. The tool is not designed to pick up so much hair, and the results will be uneven. The bestbodyhairtrimmers are cordless, but these lithium battery operated machines are usually quite expensive. This is mainly for ease of transport and mobility.

In the summer, the body hair can even be trimmed in the back yard. Usually, the clippers and trimmers with cords are much cheaper. One might want to look out for the Wahl’s Peanut, as that is in between the size of a clipper and trimmer, and has excellent durability and price point. These tips will help with using a hair trimmer and selecting the best body hair trimmer.